Security of its employees and providing a safe and healthy work environment is of highest priority at Aarti. Find out what concepts and processes we use for ensuring security.

Product Safety
  • Process Safety Audits and Inspections from External Experts – Chilworth, ABS, Zepplin etc
  • Continuous Thrust for Safer Process Technologies and Unit Operations
  • Being PROACTIVE instead of reactive
  • We have Process Safety Lab. and Thermal Screening Units and Reaction Calorimeter to properly identify hazards of the process
  • For safe scale up of the processes we use Lab. Experiments and calorimeter as well such that the process is inherently safe
  • Process parameters are set at conservative side using calorimeter results and Phi factor
  • 5 independent controls/protective measures are provided before it goes to Emergency Relief System
  • Installation of DCS Control Systems and Process Automation
  • Hard Wired Controls for Critical Processes


Alchemie Shanghai aims to serve quality to its customers. To deliver that quality and establish reliability, we ensure that quality is maintained throughout the Supply Chain. Follow the link to read the complete process of quality-check.

Product Reliability
  • To serve quality to our customers
  • To deliver the right product quality to the customers, we ensure the quality is maintained throughout the Supply Chain
  • We ensure all the raw materials and intermediaries are obtained from certified vendors only
  • Continuous monitoring of the process is done using DCS systems
  • Sampling and testing of the product quality is done at regular stages throughout the product value chain, before it’s delivered to the Customer


With a vision to improve consistently, Alchemie Shanghai aims to optimize the use of available resources in order to maximize the output. Not only optimization, productivity is also aspired in order reduce energy consumption.

  • Productivity is to optimize the use of the available resources and maximize the output
  • With the growth of the company and increase in the supply of the product, productivity of our plants has also been showing a rising curve
  • A branch of R&D team is dedicated to improve upon the existing production process and make them more lean and efficient
  • At Alchemie Shanghai, we measure productivity at unit process level
  • Productivity is measured using tools like OEE, yield monitoring, energy consumption, etc., reflecting operational excellence
  • 5S at Alchemie Shanghai is practiced making the work environment more productive
  • Continuous Improvement projects are being undertaken for reducing energy consumption by increasing process efficiency and reducing energy losses during the process